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bermuda sands apparel

bermuda sands apparelBermuda Sands Apparel is a golf clothing company with a difference. Aside from their great looking designs and range of colours, the company controls the whole process, from the design, through to manufacturer and then sales.

The company actually makes their own fabrics at their factory in the USA and then the cloth is cut and made into the range of polo shirts, outerwear and skorts (a combination of skirt and shorts for those of you who don’t know!).

It’s great to find a company nowadays that takes responsibility for the whole process and doesn’t outsource the manufacturing process to an unknown provider in the far east. It makes for a much a better product and is a great ethos all round.

bermuda sands apparelI really like the Storm Cotton range, especially the Tyvolla 1/4 zip Pullover. I have a couple of favourite golf jumpers by Ashworth in this style already, but what makes this range stand out is the way the fabric has been treated. The STORM COTTON™ technology is a water-repellent finish for cotton that offers protection from rain and snow, while maintaining the natural comfort of cotton.

If the video on the Bermuda Sands Apparel website is anything to go by, then this fabric will withstand an April shower, or an autumn one for that matter. Which is great news, because when I am playing golf I loathe wearing a full set of waterproofs. As I play golf in England, I can assure you that rain is a regular occurrence from October through April!

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The ladies range is also supported with Storm Cotton fabrics being used in the sleeveless and full length sleeve outerwear. The ladies polo shirts have a great feature with a contoured side seam for a more feminine fit. Now, I’ll be honest, I had to take advice from my wife on that point, but she assures me that this type of detail is not that common and is to be welcomed as it’s a better fit than the average polo shirt.

bermuda sands apparel

At we particularly look for golf products that add colour to the game, and for products that can be customised in some way. Bermuda Sands Apparel tick both these boxes. As you can see, there is a colour to complement every outfit. I also like the fact that this range of high quality golf clothing is not ruined by the adornment of the company logo. It’s a nice logo, but I’m a big fan of clothing that is logo free, so these polo shirts get another tick from me.

bermuda sands apparelBecause Bermuda Sands Apparel make their own clothing, from the thread upwards, they are able to offer a custom finish service. So you can now get your company logo or club logo, or any other design for that matter, onto a high quality piece of clothing. The design and embroidery team can help you with creating a logo, digitisation, providing an approval sew example, select colorations or whatever else you need to help create your club or brands image through quality embroidery.

Bermuda Sands Apparel on the web

You can discover the whole range at the Bermuda Sands Apparel website. You can also download their catalogue and even order a printed version as well.

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