Five Of The Best From PGA Expo 2013

So, after much deliberation, here is my personal pick of the best products on show at the PGA Expo 2013 in Las Vegas. I have taken the liberty of making one ‘Editors Pick’ as my favourite item. The other 4 are all ranked the same.

I have been busy reviewing as many of the products as possible that were on show at the PGA Expo 2013 in Las Vegas this week. The show consists of more than 250 golf companies who present and demonstrate their latest equipment, apparel & accessories.

The PGA Expo 2013 is organised by and supported by PGA Golf Exhibitions, The PGA of America and the Association of Golf Merchandisers. It’s a great place to catch up with all the latest golf equipment developments, accessories and of course new clothing ranges.

NotInTheProShop Editors Pick – PGA Expo 2013


Loudmouth ball marker

These Swarovski Crystal ball markers, from Navika, are perfect for those of us who love the idea of dressing like John Daly on the golf course, but haven’t got the nerve to do so. At least we can choose our favourite design and carry the ball marker in our pocket, or on our cap visor.

The team at Navika have been designing and making custom golf accessories for more than 25 years. They have worked for LPGA and PGA tour events and even the Solheim Cup! Now Navika have launched the Loudmouth Collection featuring a line of Loudmouth’s most popular prints!

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The Honourable Mentions

In alphabetical order, these 5 items are worthy of an honourable mention.

Asher Gloves

asher gloves eye candyI think most of us think of  golf glove as just a golf glove. We simply replace it when it’s getting worn out, with whatever the club shop stocks. The fit is more important than the brand for most of us. And then along comes Asher Gloves, with eye-popping designs such as the Eye Candy, which is shown here.

They also have a range of gloves in some outrageous single colours, such as Electric Green, Vivid Purple and Caution Orange – for those who want to unleash their inner Ricky Fowler!

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Creative Covers For Golf

scooby doo headcoverI think I’m in the process of making it a personal mission to brighten up the average golf bag. And the team at Creative Covers For Golf are certainly doing their bit! I’ve chosen my favourite head cover which is Scooby Doo.

They have a very wide range of licenced characters, such as Tome & Jerry, Batman, Superman, WOnder Woman, The Flintstones, and perhaps most bizarre, the original Golf Monster – Alice Cooper!

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JDM Miracle Glove

JDM Miracle Glove
I particularly like this glove and grip idea because my brother would have benefited from this before he was forced to give the game up due to ill-health. Anything that helps golfers who are struggling with physical infirmities to carry on playing will get my vote. This is important stuff, so I’ll use their words to describe the glove:
“Created in partnership with doctors, physical therapists and PGA golf professionals, this state-of-the-art gripping system is a proven solution for those who have trouble holding onto a golf club.
The Assist-a-Grip™ System uses ‘hook and loop’ technology woven into the glove and embedded into a specially designed golf club grip (sold separately).”

Tin Cup

tin cupThese clever little ball-marker kits enable you to create a personalised mark on your ball that is something more creative than your scribbled initials. We all know the importance of making sure that the ball you are about to play (usually from the rough) is actually yours. Get it wrong, you could be looking at a 2 shot penalty, or forfeit the hole – that’s enough to spoil anyone’s round.
The Tin Cup is available in a wide range of designs, you can also commission a custom design for a corporate golf day or perhaps Captain’s Day.

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