Golf and Girls Golf Bag Towel

 Golf and Girls Golf Bag Towel


Golf and Girls Golf Bag Towel

What every golfer needs, a Golf and Girls golf bag towel complete with a semi-naked female golfer on it! The guys (I presume that they are a male based company) at Golf and Girls have launched this colourful golf bag towel just in time for the warm weather.

Impress your mates, be the envy of your club or give a legendary gift to any man! The Golf and Girls golf bag towel is a novelty golf towel that is an essential addition to any man’s golf bag.

Not only are they made from the highest quality towel material to ensure you always have clean clubs and balls, but included on one side is a high definition image of a Golf and Girls model that promises to ‘inspire’ your game.

  • The Butting and Putting novelty Golf and Girls golf bag towel is a flagship fun golf gift
  • Featuring a High Definition image of a Golf and Girls golf model on a 53 x 37 cm golf bag towel
  • The perfect golf gift for any golfing man or for your personal collection to show-off to mates
  • Black super absorbant towelling material forms the inner side of the towel making it perfectly functional
  • All towels are fitted with a standard silver karabiner for quick and easy attachment to a golf bag or umbrella

If you realise that what is missing from your game is a semi-naked girl on a towel to wipe your club clean, then this is the must have golf bag towel for 2104. You can buy it on Amazon (no really you can!) by clicking on the link below:

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