Golf In Mumbai

In Mumbai, India, the rich can play golf on a beautifully manicured course. The Bombay Presidency Golf Course is an oasis of green in one of India’s largest cities. Mumbai used to be known as Bombay, and has a population of 14 million people.

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In India, 828 million people live on less than $2 per day. That would not even buy a can of coke and a chocolate bar at your local club’s halfway hut!

This is the story of Ashish Kacholia, a millionnaire venture capitalist, and Anil Mane, who is a caddy earning about $900 per year.

In Mumbai, there are two types of golf, one on the manicured greens of the BPGC, and one in the slums. This amazing video is about Anil’s journey from slum caddy to emerging tour pro.



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    How does one play at the BPGC?

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