Golf Kart Fail Photos

Golf Kart Fail Photos

One of the great things about playing golf is that you get to drive an electric golf kart. It’s like being a kid again. But for the drivers of these golf karts it’s all gone horribly wrong. You can’t help but wonder just what these drivers are going to put on their insurance claims forms!

1. Golf kart on fire!
golf kart on fire

Not sure what to say about this except WTF happened?

2. Golf kart in a water hazard

golf kart fail 1

OK, I’m only guessing here, but if you drive a golf kart into a water hazard, the last thing you want is your golf buddies taking photographs of you with a beer in hand. Who mentioned drink driving?

3. Golf kart misses the bridge!

golf kart fail #2

Just how wide a bridge did this driver need to make sure he crossed over it safely? I bet he never hit a fairway all day either!

Got a funny golf kart fail photos that you want to share? Let us know using the comments box below and we will share it with the world.

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