Golf2Win Review

Golf2Win Review

Golf2Win review

The Golf2Win app is a fantastic introduction into the game of golf that we all love – most of the time! Once you have downloaded the app you are presented with this home screen and the option to play an introduction video from Kevin Craggs, who as you can see has been recognised as a Top 25 coach by Golf Monthly magazine.

The overall feel of the app is that it is a beautifully crafted digital guide to beginning to play golf. I think it would be perfect for anyone who is just taking up the game, or who wants to reacquaint themselves with the basics.

The App can be downloaded via the iPad app store.

The app is navigated via the menu bar at the bottom of the app screen, and the app is divided into two sections. On the left you have information designed to help you prepare to play, and on the right there are sections designed to teach you the techniques. These sections are:

  • Glossary
  • Fitness
  • Equipment
  • The Rules
  • Out of trouble
  • Grip
  • Stance & Posture
  • Swing
  • Short Game
  • Putting


Glossary – this is a very useful A-Z of all those terms that we love to use within the game, from ‘Ace’ (a hole in one) to ‘Zone’ (the mental state you need to achieve to play your best golf. This section of the app uses a neat slider navigation and letters of the alphabet can be selected by tapping on the Letter. This multiple method of drilling down through the content is very intuitive and pleasing to the user.


Fitness – this section is split into three components. The Basics, Course Warm Up and Focus.
The Basics looks at all the core muscle groups that the golf swing uses. I think it would be good to provide more advice on suitable exercises in this section.

Course Warm Up provides a series of 6 warm up exercises that you can easily do before a round of golf or a session on the driving range.

The section called Focus introduces the reader to the most important piece of golf equipment, the brain. There are some excellent tips and advice designed to help you maintain a solid level of focus to ensure a better round of golf.

golf2win review

Equipment – in this section we are introduced to Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putters and Clothing. I particularly like the explanation of of ball distance based on club loft and swing speed. What I found surprising here is thatI don’t think my swing speed is that fast, but my drive distance would suggest otherwise. But for all the other clubs it was pleasingly accurate. The Putter section is very good as it introduces the different styles of putters which is something that I think most golfers are unaware of.

the rules

The Rules – let’s face it, the rules of golf, if you are playing competitively, are very, very complicated, but at the same time, if you are playing for fun, they are actually quite straightforward. This section manages to strike a balance between the two extremes. It provides enough information to make sure you can get out on the golf course, have fun, and not annoy your playing partners, but it’s not going to help you win the Rules Committee Quiz at your local club! I really like the very useful section about Lost or Unplayable balls. Judging by the questions I’m asked on the course almost every time I play, this section should be made compulsory reading for anyone who walks on to the first tee.


Out Of Trouble – I think this is my favourite section, it’s worth downloading the app just for the information that it contains. I would imagine the average club golfer could knock two or three strokes off their score just by following the advice about playing out of the rough, how to deal with the slope of the fairway and especially the bunker section.


Grip – this section is in my view for those golfers who are just starting out and beginning to hit balls. The grip descriptions are a good reference point for if you are following an online golf instructor or perhaps the articles in some of the golf magazines.


Stance and Posture – having been introduced into how hold the club, this section takes the reader to the next step and provides great detail into how we should align the ball with our feet for different clubs and shot, how to get the correct posture at each stage of the swing and finally introduces the concept of head and body alignment and the various weight shifts that we should experience with different clubs.

short game

Short Game – how I wish that i could have seen this section about 30 years ago! Do you know the difference between a chip, a pitch and a lob? Which club to use and how to control your swing arc? This section tackles all these points and will get even the newest golfer playing with more confidence around the green.


Putting – even if we 2 putt every hole, that’s 36 shots in a round. So it’s vital that anyone who is serious about lowering the score spends some time on the putting skills and technique. The Drills section introduces some useful practice routines, I particularly like Drill 2, the 30-point drill. It’s something that I have done for a number of years and my putting average is about 30 per round, so I know it works.


Golf2Win Review Summary

I think this App is going to be useful resource for anyone who is taking up the game, or is looking for an easy to use game refresher. The interactive element, with in app video, and other elements works really well. I look forward to seeing what comes next in from Golf2Win.

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