MYSP Golf Swing Training Aid

I first became aware of the MYSP Swing Trainer at the London Golf Show. One of my golf marketing clients, Ben Harvey of Berkshire based Bubble Golf Coaching was working on the indoor practice range and running product demonstrations of the MYSP Swing Trainer.

Last week I finally met up with Gerry Crawford who is the inventor, and he gave me a 30 minute demo on the driving range at Wokefield Park. Afterwards we chatted about how he came to develop the MYSP golf swing training aid.

MYSP golf swing training aid

MYSP swing trainer

First things first, the MYSP Golf Swing Trainer focuses on improving your swing by extending the swing arc. It manages to achieve this by the use of a belt that fits snugly around your waist, and two wrist cuffs that connect to the belt with an elasticated chord. I’m sure it’s more technical than that, but you get the idea.

How does the MYSP golf swing training aid work?

The specially developed harness and resistance bands works on helping golfers cure a number of common golf swing faults:

  • Overswing
  • Poor hip rotation
  • Chicken Winging
  • Trailing leg collapsing
  • Leading Leg Slide

The MYSP golf swing trainer also helps develop:

  • Good consistency in the Swing Plane
  • Promotes good width in the backswing
  • Short Game (chipping and pitching)
  • Keeping Connected throughout the swing
  • Increases Knee Power to the Leading Leg

Simple yet highly effective, the MySP golf swing training aid will help golfers of any age or level striving for that perfect swing, chip or putt.

David Long testing the MYSP golf swing training aid

David Long testing the MYSP swing trainer

Because you want to keep the chords stretched to a tension, the MYSP swing trainer encourages you to make a wider, more rounded swing takeaway. The resistance bands will help ensure that your arms stay extended and don’t break down at the elbow towards the top of the swing. After just a few practice swings Gerry had me striking my 8 iron. (Yes, that’s me in the picture above – note how my left arm is straight).

The effect was instantly visible with each shot straighter with a more consistent ball flight than during my warm up session. After hitting about two dozen golf balls while wearing the MYSP Swing Trainer, Gerry disconnected me. I then proceeded to top the next four or five shots – apparently this is normal as your body and brain tries to compensate for something that is no longer there. Once I had gotten over this, I was striking the ball better than I had in a long while.

I think that a 20 minute session once a week on the range will pay dividends as I get back in to playing golf after the winter wash out.

Will the MYSP golf swing training aid help you hit the ball further?

Well, I think I was hitting the ball cleaner, straighter and with a more consistent flight. I didn’t really notice if my 8 iron was going further. But, there are plenty of golfers on the Long Driving tour that use the MYSP as part of their training regime. If it’s good enough for the long hitters, it’s bound to have an impact on your game.

Gerry Crawford, inventor of the MYSP golf swing training aid

Gerry Crawford, inventor of the MYSP swing trainer

How did the MYSP golf swing training aid come about?

After our little demo session, I asked Gerry how he came to create such an effective golf training aid. Gerry is a man of many talents, having served as a fireman and he has also run sports training for disabled kids. Gerry first came up with the idea of using tension to help disabled children to improve their running gait. He then took the idea and applied to the bowling action in cricket. The idea for improving the golf swing came about as he recuperated following a serious car accident.

The MYSP golf swing training aid – recommended by the pros!

There are many devices on the market that claim to help your swing, but I’m convinced this is one device that truly can. And I’m not alone. Darren Clarke is an early user, and Gary Smith, one of the top tour coaches and a Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach is so convinced he uses it in his lessons.

You might also want to check out this video from Dean Halford, another leading golf coach.

If you want to buy one of these great swing training aids, they are available from Amazon here: MySP Golf Training Aid

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