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The English Premier League 2013 /14 season is about to kick off. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have taken a look at the range of football team branded golf accessories. It seems that nearly every team has opted to produce at least one golf related product. Some clubs have worse taste than others!

Sadly, it seems that a couple of clubs do not cater for their golfing fans, so I’ve chosen the best alternative option – where possible.


arsenal golf headcover

This green chap is called Gunnersaurus. Do you see what they did? They joined up their nickname ‘Gunners’ and dinosaur to make a name – but why did they choose a dinosaur? Is it because it’s that long since they won anything? Buy Now On Amazon

Aston Villa FC


Aston Villa have plumped for a traditional pompom and knitted sock combo. That’s a real shame because they actually have three team mascots, Hercules, Bella and Chip. So you could have one for the driver, 3 wood and 5 wood. Buy Now On Amazon

Cardiff City FC

cardiff city


Cardiff City seem to have missed an opportunity – how cool would a red dragon headcover be in your golf bag? Instead, they offer a rather tame red bag towel. But I did manage to find a headcover that might just do it for the die-hard fans. Buy Now On Cardiff City website
cardiff city 2

You can buy this little chap from the Welsh Superstore




Say hello to Stamford The Lion. He has a somewhat surprised look on his face – I wonder if it’s because someone has inserted a driver!  Buy Now On Amazon

Crystal Palace

Sadly Crystal Palace do not cater for their supporters who play golf.




Everton FC have elected to offer a more traditional knitted sock headcover with a natty pompom on top. Buy Now On Amazon




This is Billy The Badger, the Fulham FC team mascot. I guess we should be grateful for small mercies, this is after all the only football club in the world with a statue of Michael Jackson the infamous footballer! Buy Now On Amazon

Hull FC



I must doff my golfing cap to Hull who have won the prize for the most boring golf headcover of the lot. But at least they have bothered to offer one – even if it is a 1990’s retro velour and knitted sock affair. Buy Now At Hull FC Online Store




Much as it pains me to say it, this is the best of the rest, after Stamford of course. This is a red liver bird as seen within the club badge and on top of the Liver Building – that’s pronounced Lie-ver, not liver (as in liver and onions). Buy Now On Amazon

Manchester City


This little blue chap is called Moonchester. The name is a play on words with Moon- named after the club’s unofficial anthem, “Blue Moon” and -chester being the last part of Manchester, where the club was formed and is based. Buy Now On Amazon

Manchester United



Contrary to popular mythology, this little chap is not modelled on Wayne Rooney. He’s actually called ‘Fred the Red’ and is based on one of the teams nicknames ‘Red Devils’ – I can’t tell you what some of the other nicknames are – best to ask anyone who isn’t a Man Utd supporter!
Buy Now On Amazon

Newcastle United



Given that this team is owned by Mike Ashley, owner of Sports Direct, I’m surprised that the club hasn’t recreated ‘Monty the Magpie’. Instead, the club have opted for a very safe ‘executive headcover’. The fact that they have used the club logo and then added the team name suggests a certain level of insecurity.
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Norwich City

norwich city headcover

I have a soft spot for the Canaries as I was born in Norfolk and the rest of my family support them. So I was quite disappointed to discover that Norwich City don’t have a golf head cover. They do offer some natty tee packs and ball markers though. A quick search on the web and I found evidence that they did once offer a head cover with the club badge. Interesting to see that it is Teflon coated – I wonder if that was an influence of the delightful Delia Smith?

Southampton Town


Southampton is one of the teams that doesn’t recognise you can support a club and play golf. So this red baseball cap is the next best thing. What’s weird is that their online club shop does have a Golf section, where they offer a rather smart black tie. Maybe Southampton supporters are so posh that they need to wear a tie in the clubhouse after their sunday morning round of golf?

Buy Now From Southampton FC website

Stoke City

stoke city golf glove


Stoke City have a great team mascot which is a hippotamus called Pottermus. Instead, they offer up a rather tame golf glove.

Buy Now From Stoke website

Sunderland Athletic

sunderland fc putter cover


Sunderland Athletic are another club that have taken the option of a more traditional range of headcovers. So, I’ve included their putter headcover rather than add another ‘executive headcover’ or pompom version.
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Swansea City



Swansea City have a team mascot called Cyril. Cyril is a swan and has been voted the best premiership team mascot by readers of BBC’s Match of The Day magazine. Sadly the only item vaguely of interest to a golfer is this beanie hat.

Buy Now From Swansea AFC website

Tottenham Hotspur



This little fella is called Chirpy, though he does look a bit like Ozzie Ardilles – who is probably the best player to have ever played for them.
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West Bromwich Albion

west bromwich albion golf headcover


The Baggies have opted for a traditional pompom sock headcover. It’s nice to see that who ever knitted this one was more generous with the pompom than the team at Everton!
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West Ham United

west ham putter headcover


It looks like the Hammers have used the same supplier for their headcovers as Sunderland. I chose this one because I rather like the way they are so unsure of themselves that they had to repeat their club name over and over again. As if hammering (see what I did there?) home the team name to anyone unsure of their east end ancestry.
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