Putter Buddy

Putter Buddy keeps your putter grip dry

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Putter Buddy is the perfect combination golf towel / club holder.

Putter Buddy is designed to help you keep your putter and wedge grips dry around the green. You will also find it really hard to leave your club behind when you walk on to the next tee. The unique golf towel holder and club protector is designed to simply ‘hook’ over the edge of your bag, with the stick sitting down inside the bag next to your clubs. But don’t panic, it has a thick clear soft plastic cover which means that your club grips and shafts are protected from scratches etc.

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The Putter Buddy is great for driving range use and on the course! It’s strong enough to hold up four or five clubs. It’s really easy to use, and there are no moving parts that can break. Check out this great video review.


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