Rule Golf Divot Repair Tool

Rule 16 divot tool pitch mark repair tool

Rule Golf divot repair tool

Rule Golf divot repair and pitch mark repair accessory

Joe Borgenicht at Rule Golf has designed a beautiful pitch mark repairer, or as it’s called in his home country of the US, a divot tool.

Buy now – direct from the Rule Golf website in the US for $15.00

This pitch mark repairer also doubles up as a putting alignment aid / ball marker. Here is what Rule Golf have to say about this great divot repair tool. Don’t forget to check out the gallery at the bottom of the page.

  • Flip ball marker back to reveal forks of the tool and repair divot: The  magnet will hold ball mark in place while you repair your divot (nice shot, by the way).
  • Slide ball marker forward to remove from tool: Use your thumb to slide the marker forward and clear of the tool.
  • Mark your ball: Set mark behind ball on intended line. Mark and trust your first instinct, it is usually correct. Aim your marker at the point on the green that you think your putt will begin to break.
  • Read your putt: As you read your putt, look down the line of your rulesixteen ball marker. Focus on the line of your putt and the speed you’ll need to stay on that line.
  • Replace ball, aligning to mark: Place your ball in front of your mark aligning as you see fit. Do not move or adjust your marker without your ball in place. If you do, you are in violation of the Rules of Golf and may incur a penalty.
  • Remove your mark, sink your putt: Trust the line that you’ve chosen. Focus on making a smooth stroke on that line.
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