Scorecard and yardage book holder from Coobs Golf

scorecard and yardage book holderScorecard and yardage book holder

You know me, I love a bit of colour in my golf game. And what could be a better tonic as winter is almost upon us than one of these Crocodile Skin scorecard and yardage book holders?

Coobs Golf are now offering a ‘buy one get one at 50% discount’ in the run up to Christmas, so you can now buy your golf buddy a fantastic Christmas gift and get one for yourself!

The team at Coobs Golf in the USA have designed and produced this really cool and expensive looking scorecard and yardage book for a very non-expensive price of $29.95!

My favourite is the one in Orange, but don’t panic if you don’t want to unleash you inner Rickie Fowler. The guys at Coobs Golf have launched a range of 12 colours.

scorecard and yardage book holder

Each scorecard and yardage book holder is finished with some lovely detailing. The logo is embroidered and the stitching colour of the logo is repeated in the stitching detail around the holder.

scorecard and yardage book holder

Inside is an elastic strap to hold the scorecard and there is an elastic pencil holder and pencil. So no more scrabbling around in the dozen or so pockets in your golf bag trying to remember where that pencil is!

I think these beautifully made and colourful scorecard and yardage book holders are a must for any golfer who wants to add some colour to their game. What better way to keep all your notes in one organized place, away from the elements (sweat, & rain)?

scorecard and yardage book holder

For more information, visit the Coobs Golf website

This is one that is going on my Christmas list!

scorecard and yardage book holder

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